• Benefits of Bladderwrack

    Bladderwrack, not to be confused with bladderwort, is a type of kelp with medicinal qualities that are said to improve thyroid health, metabolism, bone strength, vision, and more. Bladderwort, on the other hand, are dried leaves used to make tea that treats urinary tract disorders and infections.... View Post
  • Parasite Cleanse: Side Effects and Benefits

    Our body is full of parasites. But don’t worry! It sounds worse than it is… Basically, a parasite is a tiny organism that lives inside of a larger organism, and feeds off of the nutrients that the larger organism ingests. So, whenever you eat a nice, big nutritious meal, the parasites inside your... View Post
  • Overnight Colon Cleanse

    We all follow routines for maintaining good health. Whether we wash our hands before every meal, shower once a day, brush our teeth twice a day, or go for a long jog once a week, we all practice good health for one reason: It makes us feel good.  Good as in healthy, productive, sociable, and bett... View Post